Malware Antivirus Software Review

top-10-antivirus-software-2017Do you really need to download a piece of malware antivirus software? This type of PC program is becoming more and more important for anyone who uses a computer that is constantly connected to the Internet.

Due to the advancements of technology that has made it easier and easier to transfer data between various sources, it has also facilitated the spreading of viruses and malware. Getting attacked by a Trojan virus or harmful malware can be very potentially damaging if there is no protection software installed at the time the system gets infected.

1. What Are the Dangers of Having Your Computer Infected By Viruses or Malware Such as Spyware and Adware?

These harmful programs can infiltrate a computer and potentially do a lot of nasty things. For example, it can potentially send itself out to your MSN and email contacts and infect their systems as well as steal your personal confidential information such as passwords and transferring them into the hands of a hacker.

For spyware and adware that have infiltrated a system, it will continue downloading more and more copies of malware into the system, eventually overloading and slowing down processing speed significantly. For any PC user who uses the Internet, it is vital that he or she installs protection software that prevents, detects and removes malware from the computer. Otherwise, it is bound to corrupt and crash files when left un-removed.

2. What Are the Uses of Downloading Malware Antivirus Software?

The main job of this software is to detect and get rid of all existing problems such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and adware that currently exists in the hard disks and registry. Once that process is over, it can proceed to provide unlimited protection to the user by scanning every incoming file to ensure that the PC does not get attacked again.

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Top Antivirus Software Reviews – What Are the Top 3 Antivirus Programs?

When looking for antivirus software for your PC, you’ll find many antivirus programs that promise to protect it from all malware threats. Unfortunately, with many of these programs you won’t be able to test their features. And that’s because they don’t offer trial or free versions.

There are a few that do of course, but many of them are not as effective and you want the right antivirus software program for your PC quickly. Your starting point should be reading antivirus software reviews of the top programs in the industry. And these reviews should be written by customers and experts so you can get an impartial evaluation of these products.

Identifying the top antivirus programs isn’t hard. You can find this information on reviews, comparison sites and on reputable online retailer websites. And from these you can choose the best antivirus software for your PC.

We’ve identified 3 top antivirus programs with the best features and tools. And we recommend you download one of these programs for your computer:


BitDefender has so many good tools it’s hard to find any that disappoint. One of its impressive features is the ability to monitor privacy settings on Facebook and Twitter and block any malicious links that could be pushed to you from friends. This feature is crucial as phishing and malware threats have escalated on these social networking sites due to their popularity.

Another feature you get with BitDefender is Anti-Fraud filter. It’s an anti-phishing feature that detects and blocks websites that are likely to be scams like fake bank URLs, escrow scams and employment scams. And its other purpose is to monitor your credit with its credit monitoring service. It protects you from scammers who attempt to change your credit reports.

BitDefender has a multitude of other features and tools. And this is one of the main reasons it always tops the list of top antivirus software programs. It protects different types of users and this includes home users, office users, gamers, laptop users and others.


Kaspersky Antivirus is recognised by all the leading test labs as one of the top antivirus software programs. One of these labs is Virus Bulletin which has awarded it VB100%, a recognition of its 100% success rate in removing ‘in the wild’ viruses.

Unfortunately, Kaspersky’s price is a bit high and you can get cheaper software from the other top programs. But it includes a three-user license which protects three of your PCs for the price of one.

One of its impressive features is the virtual keyboard. This feature you use to prevent credit card, password and username theft. And you use it to type this sensitive information by clicking on the digital keyboard with your mouse. So this stops keyloggers and other spying programs from stealing your personal information.


Panda is a top antivirus software program with approval and certification from the leading testing bodies. They show that it’s one of the most effective at detecting and removing malware threats like viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, spyware, adware and many others. AV-Test for example, gives it excellent scores and shows that it’s one of the best antivirus programs.

One of its top features is Panda USB Vaccine which inoculates newly inserted USB drives and stops the spread of autorun.inf threats. This feature vaccinates your whole computer and it disables any autorun utility from USB drives.


We also recommend you read other reviews of top antivirus software programs. These reviews show you how these programs perform against malware and cyber threats and what they are doing about new threats that cause havoc for many PC users.

Visit us today for more information about top antivirus software reviews [] and to read about the antivirus programs listed above. We also have a comparison table that allows you to compare the leading antivirus and internet security software programs. And you can read the Kaspersky Antivirus review [] which shows its tools and features.

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